Friday, April 18, 2008

Wrecking Bar

Wrecking Bar

By Robert Morgan

How heavy is this question mark?
The head is split and tapered to
a forked tongue that loosens seams
and pulls out nails like roots and stitches.
The shaft’s octagonal like a gun.
But with the cold steel shepherd’s crook
you can explode a mighty house
one nail and joist, one stick and rafter,
one louver at a time. Each nail
drawn out groans why and why and why.
This instrument dissects the work
of ancient carpenters and frees
the bonds of old-time joining.
A simple question mark applied
again, again, evaporates
the fabric’s figure. The crozier
inverted excommunicates
components of the whole and leaves
the rubble of sad questioning.

From The Strange Attractor
LSU Press

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