Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More Borges

Still reading Borges. Here's the best poem I've read this week:


If dreaming really were a kind of truce
(as people claim), a sheer repose of mind,
why then if you should waken up abruptly,
do you feel that something has been stolen from you?
Why should it be so sad, the early morning?
It robs us of an inconceivable gift,
so intimate it is only knowable
in a trance which the nightwatch gilds with dreams,
dreams that might very well be reflections,
fragments from the treasure-house of darkness,
from the timeless sphere that does not have a name,
and that the day distorts with its mirrors.
Who will you be tonight in your dreamfall
into the dark, on the other side of the wall?

Jorge Luis Borges
Selected Poems
Viking Press, 1999
Trans. Alistair Reid

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