Monday, January 10, 2011

The Story God is Telling

Story. Narrative. It's hard for me to look at life through any other lens. When I think about life, I think about a vast story God is creating with more narrative threads and subplots than anyone can count or know. Some people think in terms of music that God is writing or a song that he is singing. I think in terms of story.

The microbes, pulsars, maple trees, and icebergs; the sunrises over uninhabited planets and babies who die in the womb never having known light; characters and motives, meaning and confusion:all contained within the covers of his book. He never turns away his story or or finds it boring. He loves his characters and continues to implant them into chapter after chapter.

"Does God ever tire of story?" I sometimes wonder. Then I think of God's radiant triune being: The infinite creativity, power, and joy that effortlessly and tirelessly bring into being the energy and matter that make up the lines and margins of his tale. Novelists eventually run out of words, and the breath of the old campfire storyteller eventually runs low, but God never tires of his story.

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