Monday, April 04, 2011

Strange Soil

Last week under an early spring sunshine, I worked the soil of our small garden. I frothed the ground with rototiller, and rowed the soil with careful rake. Next, seeds, a blessing, and then the waiting. Will my seeds grow?

Not if the soil has anything to say about it. When I took a water hose to start seed engines, the soil repelled hose-streams as though shielded by magic. Hydrophobic soil, I later read in a gardening reference. Never had I seen sandy dry soil repel water, but the scene did seem familiar somehow.

Then I remembered my sandy heart under grace’s thunderstorm, and my inability to maintain even a surface dampness after a downpour. Will my seeds grow?


Dale Hokrein said...

If our gardens are windows to our heart, as yours seems to be, then my soul is full of trash, weeds and a new fire ant mound. Wouldn't want just anyone wandering in there barefoot.

Randall Compton said...

Exactly, Dale.