Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Couple of Articles on Evangelicals, Cultural Influence, and Church Hopping

A couple of articles have recently caught my attention.  This post links to an article on the decline of evangelical cultural influence, personal holiness, and discipline and then discusses the effects of the car on church attendance and discipline.

If the (American) church were a patient, and a doctor were standing at the foot of the bed with a medical chart, the diagnosis would look fairly awful.  Fortunately, Christ is the great healer and restorer and is able to raise the "patient" to life.  Even if the notion of "revival" has been co-oped and misused in horrible ways, resurrection and restoration are a promise we can count on.  The "restored" church in the U.S. won't be, I'll bet, anything like its comfortable, bloated, compromised current form.  When a true antithesis is regained or again realized, the church may be a leaner, less hip, "prophetic" voice in the wilderness that seems less "relevant" but will be more potent.

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