Monday, September 03, 2012

Monster Minds

Here is a copy of "Monster Minds," one of my poems recently published in St. Katherine's Review.

Monster Minds

“. . . the earth sustains on her bosom many monster minds—minds which are not afraid to employ the seeds of Deity deposited in human nature as a means of suppressing the name of God.”  --Jean Calvin

Maybe I’m that mind,
an astronomer hoisting data
like a fish testing water mass
with cataract’s plummet.
I strain numbers none have read,
declare disaster for dead galaxies,
then fall asleep to the garble
of background radiation
battering through time.
Morning will see me trampling
fall’s Pentecost of leaves,
prying into heavens emptied
of all but bare branches
and crossed only by cumulus.

Or maybe you’re that mind,
a naturalist, muttering
felis catus,” over tiger tracks
near a creek bed where
crayfish molt under leaf rot,
and honey bees sip in the shallows,
balanced on water’s moment
like waiters’ wine carafes--
all items in your research log,
except for the stone rolled
across your path: nothing
but erosion chewing granite resistance.
You return samples to the lab
to spend years, analyzing.

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